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    Frequently asked questions.

    • What differentiates Adtech from the rest?

      The differentiation is the product mindset and the sense of ownership that we bring towards the projects undertaken for our clients. We literally take ownership of our customer’s projects and build it like it’s our own leaving no stone unturned. This means looking at the big picture and using everything in our power to make the right decisions for our clients

    • How many diverse industries have we served?

      We have served in more than 9 industries and have developed a history of building large-scale systems and our track record for delivering large-scale releases is second to none. We are able to make this happen because our hunger mainly is for problem solving and not profit.

    • What strategies does Adtech use to streamline processes?

      We look at how we can bring in engineering leadership (product to project management, from development to QA, Dev ops etc.) and distribute it across multiple projects. We go about doing this by first defining roles clearly for each project undertaken. Then we look for ways in which we can measure the quality of the project going forward, track deliverables and bring a perspective of clarity to our customers.

    • What problems do we aim to solve for your customers in the future?

      Over the last few years, we have made a big splash in the healthcare and supply chain industry. Going forward into the future we aim to make a transformative impact for our customers by focusing on certain aspects of healthcare engineering like legacy modernization, adding value through next gen QA and by bringing in Dev Ops and Dev Sec Ops as a functional practice in healthcare. By doing this we bring in a holistic perspective and gradually aim to head into aspects of leveraging cloud engineering or any new technologies that will help our customers solve their last mile problems

    • How has our perspective towards reaching customers changed?

      We have learnt to employ a product mindset to our craft and carry a level of commitment unseen in other organizations across the globe. This product-centric mindset has allowed us to develop a fervent passion for quality and enabled us to create solutions for our clients that have stood the test of time.

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