Some of the things we excel at.

Software Engineering

Our team of specialized software engineers, architects and developers are dedicated towards solving insurmountable business problems in a creative and pragmatic fashion

Cloud Engineering

Adtech facilitates change through custom cloud services that accelerate innovation across enterprises of all shapes and sizes

Digital Business Services

We have a passion for implementing technologies and best practices for fast product creation, new customer experiences and creating scalable solutions

Enterprise Solution and Services

We help organizations deploy scalable business solutions that that help them achieve their full potential and aid in their transformation to an information powerhouse

Quality Assurance & Automation

We take a product centric approach to application & software testing services to reduce risks, drive quality assurance & streamlining performance.

Compliance & Privacy Assurance

We are in the business of helping enterprises identify and address compliance risks, all the while facilitating sustainable business growth


Solving business problems with custom solutions

PHASE I: System Study - Domain

1. Domain Understanding
2. Problem Breakdown
3. Alternatives and Solution

System Study – Product & Technology

1. Product Roadmap
2. Customer Focused Engineering
3. Time – Cost and Budgeting

PHASE III: Engineering & Operations

1. Engineering Kick-Off & Design
2. Infra setup & delivery
3. Product Development
4. Customer Support Plan

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