Project Brief

Coromandel International is India’s leading Agri-solutions provider, offering diverse products and services across the farming value chain. They are one of the most trusted agricultural brands in India with a relentless focus on bettering the lives of farmers across the country. The organization had approached Adtech to facilitate the creation of an app that would enable farmers to buy the items needed for growing crops from the comfort of their homes. We came up with MyGromor. My Gromor is a unique app that can be used to share technical yet personalized information to both agri and non/agri users. The mobile app features all the agriculture and farming information pertaining to crop sowing, soil and nutrient management, pest control and so much more.

Problem Area

  • Complex sales management system
  • No CRM to manage technical advisory
  • No end-to-end visibility of the order status
  • Copious amounts of manual effort required to update the prices of existing items


  • Helped farmers to select and buy the products of their choice from the comfort of their homes
  • Farmers can avail themselves of all the technical advice they require directly from experts
  • Gained real time visibility of the order status by sending notifications to the farmers
  • Saved clients time by automating their excel spreadsheets to add or update the prices of items when required

The situation

Challenges faced

Corromondel despite being the country’s largest Agri-retail chain with 750 stores offering various products and an assortment of farming services to 3 million farmers, a huge amount of manual intervention was required to place orders on the behest of the farmers. Furthermore, tracking these orders and having to constantly update the famer to collect the items they had ordered was becoming a tedious and time-consuming job.

This complexity has forced them to operate outside of their ERP system and therefore Coromandel leadership team wanted Adtech to digitize & streamline their existing process. To help with this predicament, we aimed to use the Coromandel’s existing ERP system to update the relevant information pertaining to the farmers to streamline the process of placing orders. The biggest challenges, however, were understanding the existing ERP and their complex API’s.

The situation

Our approach

Our team estimated that the project would take 32 weeks for completion after conducting a system study. To kickstart the project we began by talking to the farmers, ecommerce managers and the sales managers to gain insight into their existing processes. We leveraged their insights and used the next three weeks to create mock-up screens for the new system. Once the workflow and the UI are confirmed with the users, the stakeholders are made aware about what is coming their way once the system is digitized. The sign off from the end users goes a long way in ensuring that major surprise during the UAT phase is eliminated.

We would constantly seek user feedback on what was being built and this ensured that feedback was addressed quickly during the development cycle. Finally at the end of 32 weeks we had an application with 100+ screens. We spent the last of our 2 weeks ironing out any kinks left in the system after extensively discussing it with key users and the managers. By the end of the 32-week period the application was good to go, and our stakeholders were pleased with the results.


Coromandel’s MyGromor was able to remove the tedium of existing processes and save farmers time when it comes to purchasing the products of their choice from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, farmers were easily able to actively track the status of their placed orders and could even seek advice from technical experts on how to make the best use of the products they had purchased. MyGromor eliminated all audit issues caused by the old manual processes and gave management real-time visibility into the status of the orders being placed.

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