Project Brief

Radiometer has a product known as ABL 9 (Blood Gas Analyzer) designed specifically for demanding hospital wards like the ICU, the NICU and the ED, and is primarily used to measure the combination of pH, blood gas, electrolytes, and metabolites from blood samples. They had been using an automation suite that was written using Microsoft CodedUI to test the application before every release. However, with Microsoft stopping support for CodedUI, it was difficult to check the quality standard of the product with every release. Adtech was brought in as a tech partner to remedy this pressing issue faced by our client.

Problem Area

  • Performance
  • Consistent rerun


  • The client experienced better performance when they began using WinApp Driver and it became an easy task to run an instance of the application for multiple test cases
  • The test suite ran without experiencing any crashes or errors and yielded accurate results

The situation

Challenges faced

As the organization was making use of an automation suite written using Microsoft Coded UI, it was becoming difficult to accurately measure the tests of the blood samples without taking a copious amount of time.

The situation

Our approach

We began the project by first gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements. Once this was done, we proposed an architecture based on code re-usability and isolation. The architecture helped us automate test cases faster and caching framework proposed helped the test cases to run faster with a subsequent test-case run. Utmost care was taken for data-driven testing to make it open for future changes more specifically changes related to data. We proposed using WinApp Driver to rewrite the entire automation suite.


The proposed architecture not only improved the performance of the test suite but also consistently delivered results with pinpoint accuracy. The client was extremely pleased with the quality of work we had done for them in such a short span of time.

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